My Family

My Family

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Most know I have a 16 year old sister. Same parents just 12.5 years apart. I wasn't thrilled at first since I was the baby and was spoiled before she came along but I got used to the fact. She was born and I liked having a little sister. We were close even though the age difference. Even when I moved out I tried to spend time with her as much as I could and we both loved the time we had together. Then I got pregnant with Shaylee and everything changed for the worst. Logan became unfriendly and rude to me. I thought she would change after Shaylee was born boy was I wrong she got worse. She was rude to not only me but started being terrible to our parents and everyone else. I noticed she would get whatever she wanted no matter the money as well even if my parents didn't have the money they would charge it to the credit card. I love my parents, they are great with Shaylee and Shaylee absolutely adores them but honestly they don't do a good job with Logan. I would have gotten the shit beat out of me if I ever acted the way Logan does. I KNEW better they raised me better. Yes I know she gets better grades than I did but honestly that isn't good enough for me if I was mom and dad it wouldn't be enough I would make her get her act together and act RESPECTFUL to others especially Shaylee, Steve and I , she likes Cassie. It's like mom and dad just gave up on her and just said heck with telling her no and so on.
We barely talk to each other only if we have to. She ignores Shaylee and Shaylee ADORES the living crap out of Logan but Logan is mean and pushes her away. I TRY to spend time with Logan just us but her and I are so different now I get sick of listening to her talk about the music group she likes ( we usually like the same music but not this time) and she gets sick of listening to me talk about the girls. It's a lose lose situation right now. MAYBE when and if she has kids she will understand me better........ yes that's right she SWEARS she isn't having kids because of Shaylee because Shaylee is apparently the WORST 3 year old ever( what other 3 year olds is she around???????) I want to slap her most of the time I am around her.
WOuld life have been better as an only child....????Who knows, I love her she's my sister but I don't like her that's for sure.
I have been feeling like my parents like her more here lately and that they don't want to be around me. Don't get me wrong they love the girls but me not so sure as of lately. it just seems it's all about Logan.

This is NOT how I want MY girls to be raised. Shaylee and Cassie 3 months away from being 3 years apart. yes Shaylee is having a hard time adjusting BUT she adores her Cassie still and Cassie loves her sissy and smiles the biggest smile EVER seen when Shaylee is talking to her. I want them to be close I know they will fight since they are siblings and close in age but I want them to play together I want them to be their for each other , I want them to hang out together and have that bond that Logan and I have lost.

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